EIM is committed to protecting and promoting the environment and culturally significant areas in the region of the assets it manages.

EIM manages its environmental obligations through its Environmental Management System which was developed according to the APGA Code of Environmental Practice for Onshore pipelines. This ensures that we not only meet our legislative obligations but go beyond to ensure no environmental harm or damage is incurred through our practices.

Land owner’s interests are incorporated into our procedures and processes to ensure that our practices complement those of the other stakeholders in the area. This includes all aspects of environmental and operations management including erosion repair methods and pest management strategies.

Specific areas for focus include:

  • Vegetation management i.e. weed control and ground cover rehabilitation.
  • Easement Management, including water run off, erosion and public safety issues arising from the integrity of the structure.
  • Native flora and fauna habitat protection and monitoring.
  • Environmentally sensitive area management including Brigalow and Blue grass areas.

Click here for our Environmental policy (PDF)


BE RESPONSIBLE – Know where underground networks are buried before digging. This will help protect you from injury, expense and criminal prosecution.

There are many hundreds of thousands of kilometres of underground pipes and cables that carry our essential services to households and businesses across Australia, and this amount is increasing every day. The likelihood of coming across underground infrastructure while excavating is increasing significantly too.