EIM: Capability Statement

Providing asset management and operations services to the Queensland Gas Industry

We provide Asset Management solutions for Gas Transmission Pipelines including:

• Operations and Maintenance
• Gas Contract Management
• Gas Reconciliation Services
• Pipeline Services
• Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Services
• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition for 24 / 7 System Control


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Services include:

• Asset Management
• Pipeline Commissioning
• Operations initial set up
• Maintenance Schedule Development
• Pigging & intelligent Pigging
• Cathodic Protection Monitoring and Maintenance
• Pipeline Equipment Maintenance
• Gas Processing Operations
• Metering and Measurement Equipment Supply
• Metering and Measurement Validation
• Delivery Point Servicing
• Compressor Station Operations and Maintenance
• Pipeline Emergency Response and Management

• Risk Management
• Landowner negotiations / Agreements / Permitting
• Pipeline and Easement Maintenance
• Legislative Compliance Management
• Pipeline Consultants
• Pipeline Integrity Management
• SCADA systems
• Safety, Environmental and Maintenance Documentation Development
• Remaining Life Review Documentation Development
• Weed Management & Vegetation Control
• Erosion Control
• Inspection Services
• Gas Leak Survey

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BE RESPONSIBLE – Know where underground networks are buried before digging. This will help protect you from injury, expense and criminal prosecution.

There are many hundreds of thousands of kilometres of underground pipes and cables that carry our essential services to households and businesses across Australia, and this amount is increasing every day. The likelihood of coming across underground infrastructure while excavating is increasing significantly too.