EIM: About the company

Energy Infrastructure Management (EIM) operates and maintains infrastructure assets for the Queensland Gas Industry.

EIM’s core business is the operation and maintenance of vital resource carrying pipelines across Queensland.

EIM supplies competent staff with industry experience to ensure the best care is taken of the assets and pipelines under their management.

This work includes the remote monitoring of assets and equipment to ensure they are accurate, maintained operating at all times. On the ground are experienced and knowledgeable professionals, trained in environmental legislation and compliance; and all underscored by a strong Health and Safety Management culture. Supporting people in the field is a team of competent administration, management and engineering staff, based in the head office of Brisbane and also the baseĀ in Townsville.

The relationship with Stakeholders involved with the assets are an important aspect of EIM’s operating philosophy. Proactive relationships are established with the land owners, community groups, pipeline owners, companies supplying the gas and the companies which use the gas.

The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a specialist method for the monitoring and collection of vital data which is then used to produce timely reports to the various pipeline shippers and customers. SCADA enables the company to monitor flow rates and other pipeline conditions anywhere on the pipeline at any given time.

EIM is able to closely monitor variations and conditions of the pipelines at all times.

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BE RESPONSIBLE – Know where underground networks are buried before digging. This will help protect you from injury, expense and criminal prosecution.

There are many hundreds of thousands of kilometres of underground pipes and cables that carry our essential services to households and businesses across Australia, and this amount is increasing every day. The likelihood of coming across underground infrastructure while excavating is increasing significantly too.