Company Overview

EIM operates and maintains over 1000km of high pressure gas pipelines across Queensland comprising of 8 licences.

EIM has a reputation for the highest standards in safety of its people, contractors and the general public and in maintaining full compliance with legislative requirements. The company is positioned to handle substantial contracts but able to retain that “personal touch” in their manner of operation.

EIM has offices in Brisbane and Townsville, plus field site stations strategically located near the assets of the pipeline infrastructure. Experienced industry experts and dedicated professionals make up the staff and management of the company.

EIM offers turnkey solutions for Asset Owners and specialise in Engineering services including Hot Tapping, Gas Leak Detection, Cathodic Protection Monitoring, Commissioning service and Non-destructive testing.

EIM is ISO 9001 certified and is committed to continuous improvement. EIM is also certified for Safety AS/NZS 4801 and Environment ISO 14001.

Capability Overview

Asset Management solutions for Gas Transmission Pipelines by EIM:

  •  Operations and Maintenance
  •  Gas Contract Management
  •  Gas Reconciliation Services
  •  Specialist Pipeline Services
  • Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Services • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition for 24 / 7 System Control

Environment Management

EIM is committed to protecting and promoting the environment and culturally significant areas, where assets are managed.

EIM manages environmental obligations through an Environmental Management System,  developed according to the AGPA Code of Environmental Practice for Onshore Pipelines. This ensures legislative obligations are met and going beyond, to ensure no environmental harm or damage is incurred through the practices of EIM.

Safety Overview

Keeping the lines safe

EIM’s commitment to safety is embraced throughout the organisation from Senior Management to the Pipeline Operator. EIM is committed to providing a safe work environment for all parties involved in their operations; employees, contractors and visitors alike. EIM staff are recruited with extensive Gas Industry experience and are provided ongoing training which ensures best practices are incorporated at all times. EIM ensures compliance with Petroleum and Gas State legislation and adherence to the AS2885 Australian Code of Practice.

BE RESPONSIBLE – Know where underground networks are buried before digging. This will help protect you from injury, expense and criminal prosecution.

There are many hundreds of thousands of kilometres of underground pipes and cables that carry our essential services to households and businesses across Australia, and this amount is increasing every day. The likelihood of coming across underground infrastructure while excavating is increasing significantly too.